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Ben Goldin

Ben Goldin is Mambu's Head of Products & Technology. He has 17 years of experience in solution engineering, banking standards and modern software delivery practices. Ben drives Mambu’s innovation plans and ensures technology excellence.

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Taking a Leap in Banking Technology

Now is the time for financial institutions to leap from cumbersome legacy technology to cloud-based services and an API-enabled composable architectures.
Ben Goldin, CTO and CPO at Mambu

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Partnering for Success

Embracing an API-driven composable architecture will enable institutions to tap into the full potential of cloud technology to deliver value in record time.
Ben Goldin, CTO & CPO at Mambu

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The Future has a Composable Architecture

The digital banking space is dynamic and evolving at a rapid pace. The best way to secure long term sustainability is to change thinking and embrace a digital-first composable architecture.
Ben Goldin, CTO

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APIs are changing financial services

APIs are opening up a world of possibilities to financial institutions. They facilitate the flow of data between applications and gives institutions the ability to easily draw insights and create innovative products.
Ben GoldinHead of Products & Technology, Mambu