A new breed of lenders for better banking.

Featured Speaker: Ian Johnson, Marqeta

27 October 2020
0:46 h

A new breed of lenders for better banking.

The credit landscape has greatly evolved over the last decade with consumer demand and fintechs playing a significant role in encouraging a ‘new breed’ of lending in the market. In addition to product innovation, these new players are geared to deliver what customers want, in a shorter time with a great experience.

Join in as we explore this pace of change in the lending space, unpack what this means for traditional lenders and get a sense of what the future of lending really looks like.


Our speakers

  • Ian Johnson

    Managing Director Europe, Marqeta

  • Eelco-Jan Boonstra

    Managing Director EMEA, Mambu

Chapter overview

  • from 02:02

    How have new lending players evolved customer experience?

  • from 06:47

    How have the new players evolved product innovation?

  • from 14:14

    What challenges does this create for traditional lenders?

  • from 20:14

    What challenges do new lending players experience?

  • from 25:40

    Why should traditional banks care about new lending players?

  • from 32:51

    Are new lending players fishing in the same ponds as traditional lenders?

  • from 40:49

    What does success look like for lenders in 2021 and beyond?

Lending is more inclusive than it’s ever been before.  

Ian Johnson

Managing Director Europe at Marqeta

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Featured Speaker: Ian Johnson, Marqeta

Ian Johnson is the Managing Director of Europe at Marqeta, where he leads a rapidly growing team based out of London, bringing the company’s modern card issuing platform to the next generation of payments and lending innovators. During his time at Marqeta, Ian has worked with FinTechs across Europe such as Lydia,  Capital on Tap and Twisto, helping them to quickly build and launch card programmes. Prior to joining Marqeta, Ian was European Commercial Director at WEX and also held a variety of senior roles at Worldline.